New analysis would suggest that rather than offering an illicit thrill, shopping behind the boss’s back just makes Brits feel guilty. Only one in five UK consumers (20%) admits to enjoying sneakily shopping online while at work, compared to almost a third (30%) of people globally.

The research was carried out among more than 53,000 consumers across 79 countries by media agency UM. It forms part of Wave, a regular major global study into consumer behaviour.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon and shoppers gearing up for Christmas, the temptation to engage in some impromptu retail therapy may be hard for many to resist. However, this may ultimately add to shoppers’ stress levels. Only 13% of the British respondents suggested they feel relaxed when they’re shopping online instead of working. Brits are also more likely to be anxious that they’ll get caught (15%, compared to 11% globally).

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