empowering brands to their full growth potential

UM is a global media agency committed to empowering brands to their full growth potential through the power of patterns by opening a brand’s aperture and rejecting black and white marketing decisions.  

As we evolve from the era of digital to the new era of intelligence, we put people first, creating limitless possibilities. We connect diversity of thought, experience, perspective and culture. We understand that questions are as valuable as answers. We recognize that media is interdependent and everywhere.  Our vision and our passion in this new era is to lead a renaissance in media that unlocks the full potential of our clients’ business and brand be creating the right connectivity so that human ingenuity extracts true value and efficacy from AI, not just efficiency.  

UM’s borderless and boundless global network operates in 100+ markets, across 120+ offices with 3,000+ employees. We build our teams around our core values of Community, Courage and Curiosity, amplifying the full spectrum of our unique talents to drive our shared success.