ABS Autoherstel has appointed UM Amsterdam as its media agency of record.

Operating in the Netherlands, ABS Autoherstel is an auto repair shop with over 89 establishments throughout the country. ABS offers a wide variety of services and products to both professional and private drivers including tire replacement and glass recovery.

“Together with UM, we expect to continue building the ABS Autoherstel brand,” said Wijnand Mebius, General Manager, ABS Autoherstel. “Our goal is to become most respected and well-known car repair company in the Netherlands. UM’s expertise will be instrumental in achieving that goal.”

Rik Ruts, Managing Director, UM added, “We are incredibly proud to start working for ABS Autoherstel. We would like to contribute to the further growth of the company through our expertise in media, strategy, buying and relevant, creative solutions.”

UM has already begun creating campaigns which are slated to launch in the fall of this year. Congratulations Amsterdam.