By People StyleWatch

Many teenage girls struggle with being comfortable in their own skin. Jazz Jennings, 14, can relate. Assigned male at birth, Jennings has spoken publicly about her gender transition since she was 6 years old, and now the teen can add “skincare spokeswoman” to her growing résumé (which already includes activist, TV star and author).

Jennings is representing Clean & Clear in a video called “See the Real Me,” which shows her giggling with friends and playing with her cat — all with enviably clear skin, of course. “Growing up has been quite a struggle being transgender, especially in middle school,” she says in the video. But “the real me is happy, and proud to be who I am. I’m just having fun being one of the girls.” (And she’s in good company: Transgender models are having a major moment in the high-fashion world right now.)

This summer, Jennings will be the star of TLC’s All That Jazz, which will follow her and her family as she deals with everyday teenage situations including dating and homework. “Jazz’s story is universal, yet unique, and we’re proud to partner with her family to share it with TLC’s audience. Jazz may be known as an author and activist, but she’s first and foremost a teenage girl with a big, brave heart, living a remarkable life,” said Nancy Daniels, general manager of TLC.