Silver: UM Worldwide

Gold winners of this award in 2022, 2023 saw UM Worldwide bring home 160 account wins including General Mills, one of the year’s biggest global reviews, Upfield, Fidelity, Lucid, KFC, New Balance, and Nespresso.

The network is increasingly using AI in its day-to-day work to boost productivity and in consumer research to experiment with synthetic agents. Its “Ask Z” Gen-Z bot, is powered by custom research and publicly available demographic data, and uses GWI data plus focus group outputs and non-client proprietary datasets to provide a comprehensive understanding of Gen-Z and inform strategic decision-making. It answers questions like a Gen-Zer.

Executive bonuses are tied to diversity goals, while the global “inclusion matters” training programme offers courses like “managing diverse teams” and “challenging everyday bias.” Women lead in eight of the top 10 markets, and UM conducts regular pay equity audits.

The network unites annually for its global Impact Day, with 3,200 UMers across 50 countries, 100 markets and 90 offices taking action to give back to their local communities.

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