In a bid to earn more ad revenue, Daily Mail is making a big push into long-form video with plans to debut a dozen shows on YouTube by the end of this year.

Daily Mail has already garnered a large following with its short-form video strategy — it’s one of the biggest news publishers on TikTok, with over 9 million followers on its main account and about 1 billion monthly views, according to Tubular data.

The definition of “premium” content is a “hot topic for us right now,” agreed Marcy Greenberger, U.S. chief investment officer at UM. “Premium is somewhat in the eye of the beholder … [but for] digital content specifically, it should be [played with] sound on and viewable. It should be accessible via a prominent, quality video player rather than as stand-alone video embedded within an article.”

Greenberger added that she looks for sponsorship opportunities with prominent content placement and product integrations as well. Manfred declined to share if any of the Daily Mail’s new shows have locked in advertisers yet, but he did confirm Daily Mail can directly sell its YouTube in-stream ad inventory to advertisers. Buyers said pre-roll and mid-roll ads (especially non-skippable ones) were ideal ad formats for this type of YouTube content.

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