BRW Magazine has ranked UM Australia number five on its yearly “50 Most Innovative Companies” list – the highest of any media, marketing or advertising company.

The list is compiled by Melbourne-based innovation consultancy, Inventium, led by Amantha Imber and supported by a team of judges from a variety of backgrounds. Each company presented at least two innovations, which were judged by examining the problem being solved, the innovative solution, and its impact.

Not only is the list made up of companies from a wide variety of industries – from financial services and health to hospitality and infrastructure – but they also come in all shapes and sizes, from corporate goliaths such as GE Capital and Commonwealth Bank through to mid-sized family businesses and smaller outfits.

“What all companies have in common is that they are implementing some brilliant innovations into the Australian marketplace, and in many cases the global marketplace,” Imber says.

“Not only were these innovations unique and, in many cases, breakthrough for their industry, but they had also had a high degree of impact in the short amount of time they have been around.”

To be recognized as Australia’s 5th most innovative company is a huge achievement and real testament to dedicated Australian team. Congratulations to you all!