The WorkLife 50 list consists of the most outstanding employers in 2023. Several themes emerged among this year’s winners, showcasing how they offer some of the best places to work.

A focus on promoting continuous learning and growth, well-being and ergonomic workspaces, cultivating an inclusive culture and embracing a diverse hiring process were seen throughout all the winners.

UM built an open, transparent culture and centralized professional development

UM creates solutions rooted in what stakeholders need to succeed now and in the future and has invested heavily in its centralized L&D platform — UM University. The more than 100 courses and individually customized career paths offered have been consistently augmented, with last year’s introduction of “Launchpad,” a year-long development program for high-potential leaders.

To maintain transparency, UM’s U.S. CEO, W. Joe DeMiero, conducts a weekly all-agency open forum to answer employee questions and regularly responds to his “AskJoe” mailbox. Last year, he implemented a transformation agenda to abolish potential geographical silos following the pandemic. He reoriented how client teams are structured to drive greater value for the company’s agency and clients. Another way UM is ensuring its employees are set up for success is by providing them with the tools and technology they need to operate from their location of choice — home or onsite. And, to keep its employees feeling connected and valued, UM started several initiatives where employees celebrate their differences and similarities, share culinary experiences, discuss topics beyond work and more.

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