The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has reached a tentative deal with Hollywood’s top studios on a new contract, paving the way for a nearly five-month long strike to end.

The agreement meets most of WGA’s demands, according to reports, including increases in royalty payments actors receive for streaming content as well as guardrails against the use of artificial intelligence.

Stacey Stewart, US chief marketplace officer, UM

We are thrilled that the writers have reached a tentative agreement and are cautiously hopeful that we will see the SAG-AFTRA strike get resolved soon as well, since the two are so intertwined.

As for spend, we have seen pockets of dollars pulling back and a shift to sports and streaming — given the bank of content there — but not massive cuts as a result of the strike. With news of the writers agreement, we should see late night and some daytime talk shows return soon.

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