An IPG Marketing collective to help small businesses not only survive, but ultimately thrive in the face of COVID-19. You’ll find weekly roundtables with business leaders, experts, and partners, as well as links to additional resources to help support your business.

If you’re a small business owner, here’s where you can find an always-on hub of resources with inspiration, valuable advice, and live roundtables with industry experts and business owners who have found practical solutions to meet the challenges of this unprecedented time.

Topics cover a range of small business verticals, from retail to restaurants and fitness studios, and a variety of solutions, from digital transformation to marketing and social best practices — all of which are designed to help you and your business recover and grow.

After all, your small business and unwavering spirit are what inspired this collective. So once this pandemic passes, you can be there for the communities and neighborhoods that you make so much more vibrant and full with your initiative and offerings.

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