Wave 7, the world’s largest and longest-running social media survey representing more than 1 billion active internet users, continued its global roll-out with a recent launch in Greece. This launch marks the second year that Wave has reached the Grecian shore line.

Customized for every market, Wave, the first social media study on a global scale, has tracked the dynamic shifts that have taken place within the social media landscape for the last seven years. As part of this year’s survey, the importance of the human need to connect combined with the proliferation of smartphones reveals compelling insights into consumer behavior. These insights offer brand marketers an opportunity to create customized media strategies that speak to consumers locally at the global level.

The global Wave 7 launches have been covered extensively in both industry and business press worldwide, solidifying the importance and relevance of UM’s social media research and   its findings.

If you haven’t yet, visit the Wave 7 website to get the latest on social media trends and growth as well as the vital role it plays in lives around the globe.