Festival of Media LatAm

A wholehearted embrace of programmatic technology alone is not enough to ensure that brands reach the “big moments” with their campaigns, UM’s global CEO Daryl Lee has warned.

Speaking to M&M Global at last week’sFestival of Media LatAm last week, Lee claimed agencies and ad tech companies must “live in harmony” to make sure the right type of content reaches consumers at the ideal moment.

“You have always had art and science, and you need both. With science, you now have the ability to target effectively and to close with loop with results,” said Lee.

“I don’t think there’s a brand not in the storytelling mode. The question for us is, do you spam people with the story? Programmatic means you can be more precise and more targeted, but you can be more precise and more targeted and pound people every day. How do you reach big moments where they can share those stories?

“Social media is a giant content machine. The question is whether you can be authentic, rather than offering pre-packaged content.”