Festival of Media LatAm 

By Laura Bracher

“A good idea is powerful and it doesn’t have to be expensive because it travels by word of mouth,” says Nagisa Manabe, chief marketing and sales officer at the US Post Office.

Manabe was joined by moderator Daryl Lee, global chief executive of UM, Rochelle Deckelbaum, senior vice president, east coast lead, UM Studios and Edgardo Tettamanti, senior vice president marketing LAC, Mastercard for a session that explored “Storytelling in Moments that Matter.”

The panel discussed how in our current era of media fragmentation, old models simply don’t work. It is now a world where brands need to find new ways to capture attention and ignite conversations, a world where media needs to move from buying impressions to making impressions.

Manabe discussed the US Post Office’s journey to rebrand itself, including their partnership with Sony Pictures for a campaign celebrating the release of ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2.”

“We wanted to get people to reconsider the postal service as a more modern organisation” said Manabe.

Also in the session, Lee referred to the Pope as a source of inspiration in creating surprising and creative content, citing the example of how he washed the feet of 12 disabled people, recreating the story of Jesus and his 12 disciples.

“He finds a way to tell a story through fresh moments.”