UM Netherlands has officially announced the launch of UM Studios, UM’s content creation division, with Arthur Herpel and Marnix Tellings leading the new division.
“With the available data and knowledge about consumers, media, and brands we are increasingly able to provide ideas not only based on ‘gut feeling’, but that also really contribute to our client’s objectives,” said Arthur Herpel.  “Therefore, for us it was a logical choice to make the next step with UM Studios, in order to provide our clients with different communication solutions.”

Arthur Herpel has been at UM for five years as Strategy & Experience Partner while Marnix Tellings has been recruited as Creative Director, responsible for the development and production of solutions. 

“Creativity should generate results for both brand and consumer, preferably in a way in which the brand can play a valuable role in the lives of consumers.  For me, UM Studios is the ultimate initiative in order to accomplish this,” said Tellings.

The creative new label at UM Netherlands, where communication solutions are developed based on data, media and consumer insights, is centered on “knowledge driven creativity.” This mission is depicted in the new, inspired, animated short created by UM Studios, titled Fox and Blowfish. Take a look, we are sure you will enjoy it!