The Japanese Tourism Agency (JTA) has signed UM Spain to manage its print and digital media activity. Co-ordinated out of the Japan office, UM responsibilities will cover several European markets including Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.

The Japanese government has invested heavily in strengthening the country’s status within the tourism industry. The JTA was created to consolidate those efforts, working toward creating an environment in which both international and national tourism can thrive. By identifying a number of appealing destinations within the country, the JTA has improved tourism within those areas by addressing the needs of visitors and encouraging people to visit those locations more often. At the same time, the JTA has introduced a number of initiatives to help Japanese tourists travel abroad.

UM’s strong international digital strategy as well as its effective and consistent agency network were key factors in securing the new account. JTA considered the co-ordination between UM offices in the relevant international offices to be the most efficient of all the considered agencies, proving once again the power of our Yes& spirit. Well done!