UM Australia has placed fourth on this year’s BRW Best Places to Work List – edging towards the top when it comes to the best places to work in Australia.

A perennial on the BRW list, last year UM sat in at the 11th spot. When asked about this year’s impressive jump, Mat Baxter, CEO UM Australia, offered a simple and straight-forward explanation. “It’s not rocket science but it’s just about doing little things that make a big impact to the agency and the culture of the business,” Baxter said.

Baxter added that working hard, and the long hours that may entail, doesn’t necessarily make for an unhappy staff.

“Good businesses that want to be successful will always have periods where the company has to work hard together to achieve its objective,” he said. “People enjoy working here. It’s not a grudge job. They see their effort as an opportunity to progress themselves – you will always have to work hard to succeed in life and sometimes that involves working outside business hours. I’m not advocating you do that all the time, but I’m also acknowledging we’re in a service industry,” he said.

This accolade is the latest in a long string for UM Australia, proving once again that Curiosity Works. Congrats UM Australia!