Social marketing agency Society and UM have launched Instagram’s first Australian age-gated campaign, a continuation of the award-winning Creatures of the Night work for Jägermeister that debuted in 2014.

The content for the new social work features five creatures of the night cataloguing the way they spent a distinctly Australian summer, culminating in #jagermoments.

The caricatures in Creatures of the Night reflect male character types and their interaction with others in their friends groups. There is the frugal Fox, a noble Stag, an Owl who loves to party, the trusty Wingman and a Snow Leopard who spends too much time in his man cave.

Says Michael Bouda, senior brand manager at Jägermeister: “Instagram usage continues to rise, particularly against our target demographic of males 18-28, so to be asked to be the launch partner for an alcohol brand in Australia was a huge honour for us. For best practise we’ve really made sure that our look and feel remains consistent across social platforms, and we’ve tried to add an extra layer by making sure that all of the images are shot from our characters’ point of view.”

Award winning Creatures of the Night originally launched on Facebook and led to the reversal of an 8-year decline in Jägermeister sales, lifting the brand to an increase of 10% in sales year on year. Tracked by a Nielsen Brand Effect study, the campaign led to a 16-point lift in ad recall and a 20% uplift in brand purchase consideration.

Total number of engagements for the campaign period was 698,922, equating to an overall engagement rate of 17.15%. This figure was 36 times the average rate of engagements for any alcohol brands in Australia during the campaign period.

The work won two Festival of Media Asia awards for Best Entertainment Platform and Best Social Media Strategy, and is currently shortlisted in two categories in the Festival of Media Global Awards.