Following successful launches in the U.S. and UK, UM Studios, UM’s branded content division, is set to expand across select markets in Asia Pacific.
UM Studios officially kicked-off in the U.S. in November of 2013. Earlier this year, UM London also celebrated the launch of UM Studios, building upon their robust team lead by Scott Holmes and James McAllister. Globally, UM Studios boasts over 70 specialists who work with local markets to develop stories and content experiences for brands.

Scott Donaton, Global Chief Content Officer, UM, commented, “We are at a point where brands have to think about content development and storytelling as something that threads through social media, TV spots and long-form video. It should be treated less as a separate discipline, and brands need to make it a part of everything they do.”

According to Donaton, brands in Asia are showing strong interest in the content category. “There’s not a client that’s not having a discussion about this,” he said. “In India, it’s tied to integration in Bollywood films, and in other markets it’s about original content creation. It’s clear that every market has strong awareness of content marketing,” Donaton added.

Earlier this month, UM Studios hosted a special content marketing session at Advertising Week Europe. The session, co-hosted by Scott Donaton and James McAllister, Content Director, UM Studios UK, featured Alan Partridge, co-founder and Baby Cow CEO, Henry Normal.

Look for UM Studios to expand even further in the coming months, spreading the message of how brands can create compelling content to reach their audience.