Ad giant IPG this month published a new report that says the major social networks have failed to contain the spread of false information and conspiracy theories, posing a threat to advertisers.

The report went to select clients of IPG’s ad-buying division Mediabrands, which include Coca-Cola, American Express, and T-Mobile.

“The Dis/Misinformation Challenge for Marketers” report was compiled by Magna, the research division of IPG Mediabrands, and comes as social groups plan more Facebook advertiser boycotts in the wake of critical reporting on Facebook by The Wall Street Journal.

While the report stopped short of recommending marketers pull ad spend from platforms, it encouraged them to consider moving their dollars away from platforms whose policies don’t reflect their values. IPG also says advertisers should pressure platforms to do better at banning disinformation and to use tools that promote reliable news sources, like NewsGuard.

“If brand values or corporate social responsibility principles do not align with the ability of any given platform to moderate their platform, then serious consideration should be given to whether that platform is appropriate for the brand,” the report states.

“We need to stop equivocating. It’s time to invest in platforms that are doing the right thing,” said Joshua Lowcock, chief digital and brand safety officer at IPG agency UM, who helped write the report.

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