Amp Meter: The best ads from Super Bowl 2024—and the ones people will still remember long after the Big Game

Until the fourth quarter and overtime that saw the Kansas City Chiefs repeat as NFL champions, most of the action at this year’s Super Bowl was in spotting the celebs, from the proverbial “bleachers” (cue the pre-chorus to Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”) to Usher’s millennial nostalgia-fest halftime show to a star-studded lineup of ads.

“This year, Uber Eats just got it right. Tapping into the enduring success of ‘Friends,’ they gave the people what they wanted: a long-awaited Ross and Rachel reunion of sorts. While that moment was undeniably buzz-worthy, for me Uber Eats had already won the Super Bowl with their smart teaser ad featuring David and Victoria Beckham re-creating an iconic scene from their 2023 Netflix documentary. Remixing moments from the past and present is where pop culture is at right now. Uber Eats proved they understand that, and were able to successfully insert themselves as a brand. Now I just need them to Uber Eats me one of Posh’s ‘My Dad Had a Rolls-Royce’ T-shirts.”

—Maxim Kabakov, VP, strategy, UM

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