Working Mothers balance client meetings with teacher conferences, work travel with travel-team schedules, revenue forecasts with family budgeting, and everything else that can happen over the course of the day. And they do it with compassion, humor and grace.

Each year, She Runs It honors mothers who have achieved outstanding business results while serving as strong role models at work, home and within their communities. These women show what’s possible when dedication, integrity and curiosity are combined into someone who leads with empathy and parents with an open heart. Read on and help celebrate them by attending the in-person awards ceremony on Feb. 29.

Andrea Suarez

Global CEO, UM

With over 20 years of experience spanning business development to team leadership and operations, Suarez is a client- and people-first leader.

How motherhood helped her succeed at work: As a mother of twin boys and a daughter born 18 months later, I had to hone my organizational and prioritization skills, which are essential tools at home, as well as at work. Similarly, having three kids so close in age highlighted the importance of always having a support network and always being extremely resourceful to make the magic expected from moms (and CEOs) happen.

Wisdom for other parents: Sharing and being vulnerable with those around you will most likely result in connecting with others who have been in similar situations and who likely will provide great support.

How work helped her succeed as a parent: Work helps me to teach my kids the power of hard work, dedication and commitment, and helps me show them why it’s critical to understand your passions and to find a job that aligns with those passions. Nothing better than making a life from doing what you love.

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