Connected TV usage among consumers has been sky-high through the Covid-19 pandemic, but many viewers are still struggling to find what to stream. That dilemma can become a brand marketer’s goldmine if they prioritize brand experiences that encourage content discovery, according to new research.

The study, from Magna and IPG Media Lab and commissioned by Roku, found that video advertising and brand experiences that offer free streaming choices, like promo codes and free movies, together generate four times greater purchase intent than video advertising alone.

Purchase intent can be particularly valuable for marketers who are considering leveraging brand experiences that aid in TV streaming content discovery—especially as sponsorships for live events and sports remain limited, said Dan Robbins, vp of ad marketing and partner solutions at Roku.

“A key question for CMOs and marketers is how to go big with the $12 billion spent on TV sports advertising,” Robbins told Adweek. “Brands can differentiate themselves by stepping in to aid content discovery and drive value as streaming surges.”

The study, over two phases in late 2019 and May 2020, relied on 2,300 respondents who were asked about brand experiences (and how they compare to other ads), how consumers felt about ads that helped them with content discovery while browsing streaming apps, and what advertisers could do to make brand experiences more effective.

A major challenge for many viewers was content discovery: 54% of those surveyed had no idea what to stream…

…“Based on previous studies, we know that consumers tend to respond more favorably to personalized ads that cater to their interests,” said Chad Stoller, evp and managing partner of IPG Media Lab and global chief innovation officer at UM. “Offering up curated brand experiences alongside content discovery is a huge opportunity for brands looking to reach new audiences and convert them to longtime customers.”

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