Ad Age and Meta’s select group of advertising leaders sets out to prove that marketing and creativity can drive growth for brands—even during a down economy

Change is the only true constant in the world of marketing and advertising. Informed by societal norms, technological tools and rising new generations of consumers and industry professionals, ever-fluctuating market realities set the standards of expectation for how brands should behave internally and externally.

The tip of the spear in this challenging landscape is usually the chief marketing officer, a role that has evolved in value and responsibility alongside the traditional priorities of the position. Traditionally, CMOs need a sharp eye for the qualitative side of business, encompassing consumer psychology, design and attention-grabbing ideas. But contemporary realities are making the CMO’s job that much more complex.

“Imagine wearing the hats of chief revenue, creative, supply chain, brand safety, technology, information and public relations officer all in one.” said List member W. Joe DeMiero, U.S. CEO of Universal McCann. “It’s exactly as difficult as it sounds, creating a tension that persists no matter the global stature of the brand or size of the yearly bonus. How can the modern CMO successfully operate with business, social and operational pressures coming from all sides?”

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