What’s going on with the UK’s coronavirus restrictions? And, how big tech made a fortune during the pandemic lockdown.

Boris Johnson has cancelled major moves out of lockdown including the reopening of wedding parties and casinos in response to a rise in coronavirus cases. The Prime Minister called a press conference to announce that he was “squeezing the brake” on the reopening of the economy and society in order “to protect those we love”. It follows the health secretary imposing lockdown on parts of the north, saying people weren’t following social distancing. Our political reporter Sophia Sleigh tells us how the move came as a shock, with just three hours notice.  Also, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple have revealed their financial results, showing all of them made big money during the pandemic lockdowns across the globe. The figures come after bosses from the tech firms appeared before the US congress, where they were grilling on their size and influence. We speak to New York-based tech expert Joshua Lowcock, who says the industry needs a regulator.

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