In what may well be the first publicly stated principles by a major holding company’s media services unit governing the trade off between brand safety and brand responsibility, IPG Mediabrands has codified ten elements to serve as the guidepost for its organization, and how they service their clients and consumers alike.

“If it is the purpose of a brand to serve the public, and advertising is the way to build brands, then brands need to ensure that the same media channels used for advertising to reach people do not result in or contribute to harm,” Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital Officer, UM and Global Brand Safety Officer, IPG Mediabrands, said in a statement releasing the principles.

The announcement comes as many advertising, media and marketing organizations are wrestling with the yin and yang of serving two masters — consumers and those that market to them — and Lowcock says IPG Mediabrands’ principles document will serve as its “check and balance.”

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