Integral Ad Science and Channel Factory, a brand suitability and ad performance platform for YouTube, released a joint product on Wednesday that combines content curation with optimization and measurement for YouTube campaigns.

The product, dubbed Channel Science (a portmanteau of their names), is generally available, but only on a manual basis for now. The companies are working together to develop APIs for a self-serve version.

Both IAS and Channel Factory are newly-minted members of the YouTube Measurement Program.

The idea to join forces on the product came from marketers looking for more efficient ways to plan and manage brand safety and suitability for their YouTube campaigns. Usually, marketers need to strike partnerships with multiple companies to figure out which channels to run against, how to maximize performance and validate the campaign…

…The video environment is “inherently different and more difficult to manage” from a brand safety perspective than other channels, in large part because of the sheer scale of the content, said Joshua Lowcock, EVP and chief digital and innovation officer at UM, which is in the process of evaluating Channel Science.

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