Say you’re a 36-year-old mom of two, busy juggling work and parenting. It’s seven in the morning on a hot summer day, and you’re drinking coffee on your porch while scrolling through your phone, trying to figure out what to make the kids for breakfast.

Suddenly, an ad for a blender paired with a recipe for kid-friendly breakfast smoothies pops up. It could be a coincidence, but it’s likely the work of addressable creative, which brands use to tailor their messaging to audiences that are likely to be most receptive to it.

Addressable creative takes a number of factors into account, including a person’s demographic data and purchase behavior and variables like time of day and weather, to make ads as relevant as possible. In this episode of How S#it Works, Suraj Gandhi, svp and global head of the Addressable Content Engine at UM Studios, helps explain exactly how agencies make this happen for clients.

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