As people DIY their way through the COVID-19 crisis, Pinterest search data is helping marketers predict consumers’ mindsets. But will everyone—users and advertisers alike—be able to pin their way through the pandemic?

Search data on the image-sharing platform show how hobbies, interests, and plans have shifted through various stages of self-isolation. Pinterest has also been a respite for some seeking ways to look beyond the lockdown—whenever that might be—and therefore a network for marketers to mine in an attempt to maintain relevance.

“It’s like this manifestation of ideas and an ideal state,” said Peter Chun, senior Vice President and global head of partnerships and growth at VaynerMedia. “It’s like a utopian view of a post-COVID world. And from a marketer’s standpoint, it’s actually a really good way to probably coordinate where consumer spend will ultimately get to.”

Some of the latest trends on the image-sharing platform were unthinkable until recently. From late march through mid-April, “virtual sleepover idea” has seen a 799% increase in search queries while “free virtual field trips” has grown by 183%. “Sidewalk chalk obstacle course”? Up 16-fold. “Kids virtual birthday party”? It’s 26 times what it was a few weeks prior. The list of trends goes on for non-kids looking to be creative—or at least productive. “Desk renovation ideas” searches are up 97% while “outdoor pallet coffee table” increased 448%. Meanwhile, tutorials for “triangle wall paint” and “accent wall dots” were both searched 10 times more.

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