Fortnite – for many, we wouldn’t need to say anything else. Equally regarded as the joy and despair of kids and parents all around the world, Fortnite has risen up the charts in recent years and it looks like it’s there to stay – at least until something like Fall Guys makes it falter.

But what happens when Epic Games goes one step too far and challenges the authority of a powerful tech giant? We reached out to Oli Flower, associate strategy director at UM Worldwide, asking him for his opinion on the Apple-Fortnite war.

Last week, Apple threatened to block Epic Games’ Unreal development engine from the App Store, with a show of force that reminds us how much power they hold over the rest of the kids in the playground.

Since then, judges have ruled that the tech giant can block Fortnite from the App store, but not hold the Unreal Engine to ransom, because “Epic Games and Apple are at liberty to litigate against each other, but their dispute should not create havoc to bystanders.”

When the dispute started – because they refused to follow Apple’s pricing structure – Epic Games’ response was perfect; releasing a video mirroring Apple’s own ‘1984’ Super Bowl spot to show how the tech giant had become everything it fought against almost 40 years ago.

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