By Adam Morton

Based on a number of industry events, I find it surprising that arguments still rage around data vs creativity or technology vs humanity. It’s not a zero-sum game.

Data, analysis and modelling have become integral parts of advertising – and yet it’s argued that an obsession with them can stifle creativity, experimentation and bravery. It leads you do to what’s safe, while over-focusing on ROI means you optimise based on the past, rather than innovating or building a brand for the future.

That’s not wrong. But at the same time clearly creativity without insight can be equally flawed. You do look at some ads and think to yourself, who are they trying to reach and what are they trying to say? It might be bold and disruptive, but was it actually rooted in anything?

The ad industry loves to talk in black and white terms, which fuels debate and makes things interesting. But as is often stated, the best things occur at the intersection of disciplines.

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