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In the era of social distancing, avoidance may be the order of the day. But that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to advertising against news. Interpublic’s UM Worldwide has become the latest agency in a procession of industry players to counsel advertisers against blacklisting news publishers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video

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The CNN show “Erin Burnett OutFront” spent much of its time on Friday focused, like many other news programs, on the coronavirus outbreak and the thousands of people isolated on the Grand Princess cruise ship near California. During the commercial break, one spot stood out: an upbeat ad for Norwegian Cruise Line, a competitor. It was one

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UM’s Rome office will handle the media planning for a new campaign for Doctors Without Borders, an organization founded in France by a group of doctors and journalists in 1971, which has since grown into the largest independent medical humanitarian organization in the world.

The American household is changing. People are living longer and getting married later in life, women are more in demand in the workplace and at home, and society is more accepting of same-sex marriage.