UM’s Rome office will handle the media planning for a new campaign for Doctors Without Borders, an organization founded in France by a group of doctors and journalists in 1971, which has since grown into the largest independent medical humanitarian organization in the world.

In a new campaign, Doctors Without Borders’ 40 years of independent humanitarian action are recounted through the “Manifesto of the Free,” a series of incisive values ​​recorded in the images of those who experienced the benefits of Doctors Without Borders themselves, symbolically imprinted on miles of gauze representative of the relief that has been brought to every corner of the planet. Doctors Without Borders has chosen the strength of a simple and direct message to thank those who made ​​their existence possible.

UM Rome will handle media planning which includes TV, newspaper, magazine, radio and web. The campaign is running now through the end of the year. UM is proud to be part of the outstanding humanitarian efforts of Doctors Without Borders.