Ts&Zzz is a podcast to help you fall asleep by reading the most boring text on the internet; terms of service agreements, terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Launched by Scott Elchison, Manager, Partnerships, IPG Media Lab, on April 1st, the podcast’s case is that “We have all agreed to countless numbers of these contracts in our lives but have never actually read them and probably never will.  Instead, we are putting them to use to help people get better sleep and maybe even learn something along the way.  Take a listen tonight and let me know your thoughts on the product. Hopefully it works for you the same way it does for me. Here’s to better sleep!

“I have been interested in exploring creative formats for podcasts that were outside the traditional interview, true crime/docu-style-type shows that currently dominate podcasting,” Elchison says, adding, “I gravitated towards the idea of a sleep podcast because I thought it would be relatively easy to produce. The sleep podcast space wasn’t overly crowded and it was something positive I could make (that is, a podcast to help people get better sleep).”

“Broken Not Beaten” is a book of poetry by UM Senior Associate-Corporate Communications Kosta Rosvoglou, that focuses primarily on love and loss.

Written by Rosvoglou in July, the 40 poems are broken into five sections highlighting the stages of grief: denial, anger, despair, guilt, acceptance.

“I poured a ton of emotion into the book, hoping that in return I can make a connection with each and every reader who comes across it. It’s personal, it’s tear-worthy and it’s relatable for anyone who’s ever loved or been loved. In a year like 2020, I hope it serves as a simple reminder of what’s most important in life: love, both for ourselves and for one another,” he says, adding, “Nearly anyone, regardless of age or gender, can make a connection to the words written page after page. If I can promise anything, it’s that there’s a poem in here for everyone.”

Katelyn Tzavelis, Manager of Analytics at UM Worldwide, rediscovered her childhood hobby of knitting and launched a SM-driven business.

“I learned to knit in 7th grade and have always loved working on different projects in my free time,” she says, adding, “However, as I got older and busier, those projects took less of a priority in my life. When we had to quarantine for Covid-19 I was so excited to find more time to pick back up my knitting skills and create different things for new babies in my family. I started making way too many, so I decided to launch a small social media-driven business on FB/IG called Things with Strings Co. On both these platforms I showcase my projects and take custom orders via direct messaging or email ([email protected]) for those who are interested.”

Follow on Instagram at @thingswithstringsco or on Facebook by liking the page, Things with Strings Co.”

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