The Big Issue, Channel 4, The Guardian and Hearst feature in the directory

The Guardian, Channel 4, Gay Times, Hearst, The Big Issue, Amaliah, Gal-dem and Attitude are among media that equality-conscious ad spenders may choose to create a Better World. They are all included in a directory of news outlets under the masthead The Better World Marketplace and Partner Directory, which was set up by media agency UM U.K. to help brands invest in ad spending that supports better reporting about equality.

The directory was developed by the IPG Mediabrands agency as an initiative to identify diversely owned or progressively minded media through which it can programmatically activate campaigns and make a more positive impact in the world. It will also help the agency offer more transparent media advice.

Adam Foley, director of U.K. advertising for the Guardian, explained that the Better World initiative would be “a welcome concrete step” in the right direction for brands and agencies to invest in “quality” media.

“As quality publishers, whether it’s the Guardian, Attitude or Enable Magazine, it’s on us to demonstrate our effectiveness as an advertising channel, but once we have proven that, then it’s in everyone’s interests to ensure that we are able to support and thrive in the future,” he continued.

Seeking a positive impact
Earlier this month, another initiative called the Matterkind News Marketplace was launched by the agency to allow clients to advertise alongside news campaigns that were found to be consistently brand-safe, identified using contextual technology.

Michael Brown, group partner, insight and cross-culture at UM U.K., told Adweek that decisions about where clients invest their budgets could have a positive impact on society.

“UM U.K.’s Better World vision for media, and launch of the Better World Marketplace, is all a part of our mission to facilitate more inclusive partnerships and investment in diverse media across the advertising landscape.”

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