This past month, UM leaders around the globe have been recognized for their leadership and advancements in the media landscape.

Tadek Zorawski, CEO of UM Poland, was recently awarded the Leadership Award for his contribution to market research by the World Market Congress in India.

In addition to being recognized as a market leader, Tadek brought his insightful know-how to the event with his lecture on “Tell Me Why People Buy,” covering trends in consumer behavior in times of digitization, research and marketing communications.

The World Market Congress hosts an annual event featuring marketing experts from around the world, where information is gleaned from POV’s on forecasting, theories and research, to the ongoing challenges and trends facing the contemporary market.

In Malaysia, Prashant Kumar, CEO of UM Malaysia & President of World Markets Asia-Pacific, was named Person of the Year at the 2014 Malaysian Media Conference!

Prashant was honored for his innovation in media, growing the agency from a 20 person outfit to a staff of 200 and leading UM Malaysia to becoming the five-time “Agency of the Year” winner at the Malaysian Media Awards.

The Malaysian Media Conference brings together global leaders from around the world to discuss a melting pot of ideas, solutions, concepts and campaigns and how they relate to today’s developments in technology.

Congratulations Tadek and Prashant on your extraordinary list of achievements, you continue to inspire us all!