UM Germany has recruited Uwe Schubert and Gene Lee Engler as Strategy Directors. The two bring a creative, new approach to strategy to UM, having entered the strategic universe from different directions.

Uwe “The Man With A Brand” Schubert has continuously been in orbit around the art of brand building and brings several years of marketing intelligence to the table. Gene Lee “The Man With The Message” Engler has extensively explored new worlds of communication from the beginning of digital times and is always on the look for a holistic approach. They have joined forces within UM to help build and strengthen brands, develop new campaigns, nurture new thinking and discover new paths and fresh ideas to reach the consumer.

What drives them both is the curious thinking and dedication to creating strategic solutions for clients that has become the hallmark of UM.  Together, they look to cross borders and enable meaningful as well as successfully functioning communicative systems.

We welcome them to UM and look forward to the vivid exchange of knowledge and experience that they are sure to spark. Welcome Uwe and Gene.