Ad Age’s small agency community had its say—now it’s Amp members’ turn to weigh in on the most pressing issues affecting the ad industry today

Earlier this month, the Ad Age Small Agency Conference delved into some critically important subjects for the advertising community, in addition to virtually handing out a number of awards to the industry’s most deserving small agencies (see below to learn which Amp members were honored this year—congrats to all the winners!). From walking away from creative work that doesn’t quite feel right to safeguarding company culture to making active anti-racism part of an organization’s core values, these issues are critical for every business and agency—big or small—to ponder.

The conference was well represented by Amp members, including panelists Roger Camp, partner and chief creative officer of Camp + King; Christy Hiler, president of Cornett, and Cornett intern Maya McGregory; Christofer Peterson, senior VP of people and culture at Dagger; Kate Higgins, chief growth officer of Erich & Kallman; Megan Lally, managing partner of Highdive; Paulo Carvajal, chief strategy officer of Noble People; Alex Aikens, production coordinator at O’Keefe, Reinhard & Paul; Elisa Silva, partner and managing director of 3Headed Monster; Lizzy Sonenfeld, partner and creative director of Two Things; We Believers’ Marco Vega, co-founder and president, and Gustavo Lauria, co-founder and chief creative officer; and Tracy Wong, co-founder and chief creative officer, WongDoody.

For this month’s Spotlight, we decided to take a few of the important topics raised at the conference and extend the discussion to the entire Amp community.

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