“Frequency caps” are supposed to solve this problem— but it’s complicated.

Ever feel like you’re seeing the same commercial on streaming platforms over and over and over again?

No, you haven’t lost your mind. Repetitive ads, especially on streaming platforms, are a noticeable nuisance for anyone streaming shows on an app or connected TV. It’s a known issue and it’s bad for business, as viewers associate the ads with frustration.

“It pisses them off and it’s wasteful, too,” Renee Whittingstall, SVP and managing partner of digital investment and innovation at UM, told Marketing Brew. “You want your consumers to have a good experience, and nobody wants to turn on their favorite show and see the same ad at every ad break.”

So the industry has turned to frequency caps, a fancy term for limits placed on how often viewers see a particular ad. As streaming platforms rake in more and more ad $$, talks around frequency caps have become “heightened,” Whittingstall told us, especially during the upfronts.

“It’s becoming a more common conversation,” she said, adding that “platforms are more open to allowing custom frequency caps across brands.”

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