Inspired UM rose to the top spot in 2013, becoming Estonia’s largest media agency. For the first time in its history, the agency secured over €10 million ($13.7 million) in billings – the largest amount ever for an Estonian media agency – enjoying 21% growth over the previous year.

Marleen Taremaa, Communications Director for Inspired UM, attributed the substantial growth to their strong research arm, successful implementation of lifestyle media strategies and UM’s commitment to its expanded planning and buying practices in the digital space.

“In today’s marketing world, just knowing your target audience is not enough,” said Taremaa. “What is most important is learning how they behave and how to connect with them. We utilize a variety of research tools to collect the necessary information, tap into UM’s pool of advanced analytics and then create targeted marketing campaigns to generate significant results for our clients.”

Through the power of curious thinking and an innovative spirit, Inspired UM Estonia has produced amazing results, positioning themselves for another stellar year in 2014.