The TV, streaming and digital video industry is already undergoing a seismic shift. The coronavirus outbreak stands to accelerate that shift in some respects and reshape it in others.

It’s hard to imagine a pandemic coming at a more critical time for the TV, streaming and digital video industry. With March Madness, the NBA and NHL Playoffs, the Masters and the start of the MLB season, this is (or would be) one of the biggest sports periods of the year. The annual TV and digital video upfront advertising negotiations are underway (not the in-person presentations, though). The streaming wars are heating up with HBO Max, Peacock and Quibi slated to debut within the next two months. And TV networks and streaming services have a bunch of projects in production, including pilot episodes of next season’s TV shows.

All of that has been or will be affected by coronavirus. Some effects will be only temporary — sports will return eventually and people will watch and advertisers will pay to reach them — but others may be more lasting. Here are the potential ripple effects that have dominated the conversations I’ve been having with people across the industry and that I expect to track in this newsletter over the next many months.

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