UM Italy has won LINE, the global messaging app soaking up users in Asia and across the world.

An instant messaging service available for smartphones, PCs and smart-tablets, LINE allows users to make unlimited free voice calls and send unlimited free messages 24/7. LINE is now used in 231 countries and boasts over 230 million users worldwide, poised to (possibly) unseat the likes of Skype and WhatsApp.

The bulk of the company’s revenue (which last quarter topped out at over $100 million) comes from the sales of virtual stickers as well as virtual items sold in games. LINE also generates cash by charging businesses that use official LINE accounts to distribute promotional messages.

UM won the pitch against WPP, Aegis and Havas, with an launch scheduled for early this month. Kudos to our Italian team for adding this exciting brand to the ever-growing list of UM clients.