Two of UM’s key clients, Sony Pictures and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) have partnered on a campaign to promote Priority Mail and the upcoming release of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. USPS and Sony Pictures are collaborating on a high-profile, multi-channel marketing campaign that began last month and continues through the end of May.

Produced by UM Studios, the highlight of the campaign, which includes direct mail, digital and social media elements, is a television commercial that features Spider-Man circumventing all obstacles in delivering a Priority Mail package to a special showing for fans of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. USPS linked up with Sony Pictures through a custom-created offering by UM.

The campaign also parallels with the beloved Super Hero by highlighting the courageous acts of the postal workforce. One such example is Isagani Ravelo, a letter carrier in Virginia who saved a person’s life when he heard a customer in distress calling for help. He entered the home to find an elderly woman with severe head injuries resulting from a fall. He immediately performed first-aid to stop bleeding and called an acquaintance of the accident victim for assistance, as the victim requested. Last year, the Postal Service recognized 262 postal employees for heroic acts in the Postmaster General’s heroes program.

The wide-ranging promotion also includes trucks featuring Spider-Man images in major urban centers, in-movie integrated logo placement, limited-edition Spider-Man Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping Boxes, online and digital banners, Spider-Man postage from self-service kiosks, and retail signs. Inspired by Spider-Man’s comic book heritage, the campaign also features graphic renderings as a story-telling vehicle and feature stories of ‘USPS super heroes’ – real-life Postal Service employees delivering for their customers.

UM also provided all media buying and planning for the integration.

The TV ad is slated to run in the U.S. through the film’s release date of May 2nd.