UM Japan’s Sonya Zolotaryova was awarded top honors in the 43rd Prize Essay Contest hosted by the Japan Advertising Agencies Association (JAAA).

The JAAA essay committee holds the annual contest to increase industry recognition of people in the advertising industry and to strengthen industry standards and ethics, as well as to create a greater sense of solidarity. The competition is designed to provide a forum for the exchange of views among advertising people, placing particular emphasis on reflecting the studies of the younger generation and their activities within the advertising industry.

This year’s theme was “What I Want to Say.” Zolotaryova’s winning essay, entitled “Hearts That Dream of Fantasy Will Open Up a New Age,” took the top award in the Theme 2: Media, Media Planning and Development category.

This year, over 400 applications were submitted by member companies. The winners are honored at the special reception and will have their prize-winning work featured in a dedicated edition of THE JAAA REPORTS.

Hats off to Sonya for staying true to the curious spirit that drives UM forward.