More agencies and brands are releasing their campaigns and endeavors to elevate women as Women’s History Month (WHM) wraps up.

This year, UM is introducing the female-focused “Uniquely Me” campaign to focus on the singular experiences women bring to the table; it ties into DEB’s 2021 theme of intersectionality. Women UMers were encouraged to share their stories with the prompt: “I am a(n) _____ & I am a Woman,” with highlighted stories featured via social media, as well as with video clips.

Over the past year, UM’s Diversity, Equity & Belonging (DEB) Council has been celebrating history and heritage months by running a “Uniquely Me” campaign, which highlights people from the UM community sharing quotes, images and stories they feel represent their culture, heritage and identity. Here is a link.

The UM community also created a U-Mpowerment playlist on Spotify, featuring music submitted by women employees. Collectively, these WHM activations are more important than ever since they give us a “chance to learn more about the people we interact with daily and connect to on a more human level, which has been paramount throughout our year of working from home,” says Kristen McCarty, manager, portfolio management, UM.

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