Introducing the Ad Age Super Bowl Amp Meter: Insiders weigh in on the best spots from the Big Game

At Ad Age it’s become a well-worn cliché to say the Super Bowl is our Super Bowl. As with the Big Game, ad world Monday morning quarterbacking begins almost immediately after the final whistle and continues in the days and weeks that follow, as brands and marketers seek broader consensus on what worked and why.

“From the cheesy supers to the tongue-in-cheek testimonials, it addressed a real category barrier—range anxiety—and set up the Ram Rev as a compelling alternative: problem/solution advertising done in a fresh, fun, satirical way. Moreover, I think Dodge was brave for poking a little fun at the white, middle-aged, macho male audience that so squarely makes up the vehicle’s target.”—Mason Franklin, executive VP and managing partner, strategy, UM

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