As the Possible conference gears up for its second year, it faces the possibility of a sophomore slump. After all, year one in April 2023 generated solid attendance of 2,464 as well as a few headlines, mainly courtesy of one Elon Musk, who used his appearance in part to recruit Linda Yaccarino to be his CEO at X. All in all, 200 speakers presented in some form last year.

Mathew Smith, svp of data and analytics, UM Worldwide

When you compare Possible to other industry events, you’re going to see a heavier focus on brand/ brand performance marketing and its possibilities. Other conferences have lately been focusing predominantly on technology and performance marketing … so much so that we’ve started to lose a bit of the importance of brand marketing. This is ironic because a lot of what the newer martech/adtech [firms] ha[ve] accomplished has made it possible to prove that brand and performance need to work together.

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