The last few months of 2022 have seen some unusual market dynamics, including an increasingly murky future for Twitter with forecasts of it shedding users, CTV ad spend continues to see grow while the long-awaited ad business from Netflix takes a wobbly turn, and rumors swirl of Apple building its own demand-side platform.

Ahead of a major privacy reckoning in 2023, Adweek spoke with five industry experts about their boldest calls for next year.

Regulators crack open Google log files
The rising concern over data governance will make way for “an in-depth look at what amount advertisers pay for ads and where that money flows. And more efforts to provide transparency, control, and limits on advertisers who extract value from the advertising supply chain but don’t create any value,” said Joshua Lowcock, global chief media officer at UM Worldwide.

This means log files will be a hot conversation in 2023, especially for regulators. Currently, “advertisers and agencies want the log data. But there is resistance from the ad tech ecosystem to provide it,” said Lowcock.

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