When it comes to privacy compliance, who you work with matters.

Advertisers that fail to do privacy-focused due diligence on their media and data partners could easily find themselves at the center of a PR crisis (no bueno) or looking down the barrel of a lawsuit (realmente no bueno).

And as privacy laws come into effect across different states, the latter is no longer a hypothetical.

But the purpose of the privacy score is less about the “gotcha” and more about providing transparency to buyers and giving vendors and sellers an opportunity to improve, said Arielle Garcia, chief privacy officer at UM Worldwide, which is in talks with Neutronian to use its privacy scores.

“It’s like a road map to help companies do better, including an emerging category, like retail media networks,” Garcia said. “As third-party cookie deprecation draws near, publisher data is top of mind for us, but we can’t rely on self-reported information and our own outreach – we need a way to be able to dig deeper with partners and to do it at scale.”

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