The UM Worldwide chief strategy officer speaks to LBB’s Tom Loudon about Cannes, marketing data, and her decision to swap careers in her mid-20s

If you ask her, Jocelyn Tse will tell you she has a hidden agenda.

“I try to use my strategy experience to facilitate creative work, especially with the focus being placed on creativity in China,” she says.

“In China today, everyone’s busy doing their own thing. The team chemistry and dynamics are less powerful. That’s something I was really missing. Every box is really important to me as a strategist.”

With this in mind, Jocelyn recently met with a group of the most experienced advertising people in China, with the goal of finding ways to drive the region’s creativity .“For many years, creativity in China has taken a back seat,” she notes.“I think a lot of times, creativity is also misunderstood as well, because of the difference in [Chinese] culture, the difference in our landscape, our ecosystem and different forms of media and the application of media.But, I think there’s eight of us going to Cannes this year from China and then also some local award judges as well.”

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