Data, advertising and media pros explain what the agency’s rulemaking plan means for the industry and for the future of data privacy at large.

Arielle Garcia, chief privacy officer, UM Worldwide

It is worth noting that among the FTC’s reasons for the rulemaking is the assertion that in the absence of concrete rules, “firms that are careful to follow the law” are “at a competitive disadvantage” and could benefit from the level playing field enabled by clear requirements that the FTC would be empowered to enforce for first-time violations.

This is particularly salient as marketers and the broader ecosystem navigate amplified public discourse and a rapidly-evolving landscape on the heels of Roe v Wade’s reversal, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s investigation into national security risks posed by advertising technology and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s interpretive rule clarifying expectations of digital marketing service providers such as big tech companies for complying with consumer financial protection laws.

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